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About the Department ECE

 The Department of Electronics and communication Engineering was established in the year 2002. It inculcates a spirit of scientific temper and analytical thinking and trains the students in contemporary technologies in Electronics and communication to meet the needs of the industry.

The aim of the program of the Electronics and Communication Department is to provide the students with a solid scientific and technical background and research capabilities in the design, development, manufacturing of electronic devices and systems used in a wide spectrum of applications ranging from household appliances to most sophisticated satellite transponders, from electronic ignition to neural networks, to signal processing chips.
The syllabus features core courses like Statistical Theory of Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Architectures and Systems, Communication Switching Systems, Computer Networks, Communication Electronic Circuits, Microwave Components and Circuits, Satellite Communication, Photonic Devices and Systems, giving a balanced coverage of the theory and practice of modern Communication Engineering.
In order to ensure high standards of education for its students, the department has constantly upgraded itself by adding well-equipped and fully furnished laboratories to supplement the theory courses. Analog Electronics Lab and Microprocessor labs have state-of-the-art equipments including VLSI Design, Microwave Engineering, Digital Integrated Circuits, Advanced Analog Signal Processing, Circuit Simulation, and Digital Signal Processing.
After graduating from DAV College Of Engg. and Tech.,Kanina students get opportunity in the field of Core Electronics, Telecommunication and software organization. 

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