About the Chemistry Lab:-
The Chemistry Laboratory at D.A.V.C.E.T., Kanina, is one of the best equipped laboratories, where we conduct all the experiments prescribed in the syllabus of M.D. University, Rohtak for B.Tech. students. Chemistry practicals are mandatory for the students of all branches. To perform practicals, the students are required to have sound theoretical knowledge of the subject.
Chemistry being a fundamental subject occupies a central and core position in the study of modern science and technology. The subject is both facts and concept oriented. To prove it, experimental studies make it possible to establish facts about the given material up to the level of molecule, atoms, ions etc. The chemistry lab is equipped with the modern instruments such as Flame photometer, spectrophotometer, Pensky - Martens flash and fire apparatus, conductometer and many other instruments.
About the Physics Laboratory :-
Physics laboratory is well-equipped laboratory of the Applied Science & Humanities Department. Physics laboratory is equipped with: - 
  1. Various experimental set-up like hall effects, four probe, e/m, ionization potential, Newton rings, Plank constant etc.
  2. Instruments like-sonometer, Calendar and Griffith bridge, post office box, Carey- Foster bridge, B-H curve tracer, Galvanometers of different types etc.
Physics lab-work is compulsory for the B.Tech. students of all the disciplines. This laboratory provides an opportunity to enhance the practical knowledge through its various experiments to be performed in two semesters by the students. The list of the experiments to be performed is in accordance to the M.D. University. Most of the experiments have engineering applications and form an integral part of the curriculum of engineering. 



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